How on earth do I survive without my computer


I did try to be zen and breath but let’s be honest it’s not not really my style…

Let me get back a little in time and tell you about it. It all started with an email from Apple informing me of a recall on the hard drive.  I was to leave my computer for two days and get it back with a brand new hard drive. I timed my work so I would be done with most of my clients editing and I drove Jumbo to the store (yes my computer has a name, I can be weird like that).

Two days later phone call and I’m on my way with the Mr. and three kids to the store to pick it up. One more reason to marry is to have someone else do the heavy lifting and a 27 inche iMac is kind of heavy. The Mr. was ready to pick it up and leave but I wanted it tested first…aha I am glad I did. The fan would not stop and other red flags showed up when they run a diagnosis. So it stayed there to get some more TLC.

I was kept updated daily on the status of the repair and after 10 days, Jumbo was declared officially dead. I was ready to start crying at the idea of having to buy another one but guess what they are giving me a brand new iMac. My husband always made fun of me for buying apple computers but that shut him up for good. Can you imagine the quality of service!

So here I am mourning Jumbo, calling the store everyday to see when they will stock up the new iMac. Work is at a standpoint and not a single picture has come off my cards. So first world but yes I am missing Lightroom and Photoshop and hours spent editing pictures and posting them.

And for those of you who don’t have a back up, go set it up NOW!! this whole experience would be a total nightmare if I didn’t have a back up and a back up of my back up.

In the meantime thank god for my Galaxy S3 and Instagram for my photo fix and my Galaxy tablet   for allowing me to stay connected and posting here.


One thought on “How on earth do I survive without my computer

  1. very difficult to become connected and then disconnect like it means nothing.i also miss my computer terribly, but so much of what I do is online-related or supported.however, I do try to listen to the universe and make the waiting time not about being in limbo – such a waste right? – and do all those things I never do because I’m on the pc. 😉


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