Our Christmas tree

Our christmas tree has no color scheme and will certainly not make it into any pinterest board or in a Martha Stewart Magazine Christmas Edition.It is decorated with little bits of us.

Memories of:

– when we became 5.

–  my first tree in my first appartement

–  of our first christmas together

– of a new child or his mania for a certain animal

– little hands making in school

– friends making together and thinking of each other

This year I am fully enjoying this tree without any thoughts of color schemes. It is made with bits and pieces of love and friendship. It is simply US.





6 thoughts on “Our Christmas tree

  1. What a great post! I love all the crafted and handmade ornaments we have re-discovered and placed on the tree. It’s so exciting to be visited by these memories year after year.


    1. @Lisa ~ Thank you Lisa! It is such a special moment when we open our ornament box and start pulling them all out. I imagine myself years from now doing it with my children, grandchildren…I hope we will be blessed with lots of years to make memories and enjoy them


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