I am vulnerable, the people that I love are vulnerable. If there was one truth in this world that would be it.

This weekend was a reminder of how vulnerable and fleeting our lives are.

Children attacked in the sanctity of a school, a place we send our children to learn and blossom. A place we trust them to be safe. Should I say something to my children or not? Take away their sense of safety?

A phone call early on Sunday. The dreaded phone call that didn’t materialize this time. My dad had a health crisis and I was kept in the dark for 4 days. This time was just a scare but it happened and I can’t help but think of the unthinkable.

I wanted to curl up in bed with my children. Keep them home, keep them safe but life with young children brought me back to reality. A birthday party, face painting, swimming pool and book reports. Christmas presents to plan and messes to clean. Laundry to be put away and meals to cook. The little things that are anchoring my life right now.


I am sad. I am mad. I feel vulnerable and raw so I start counting my blessings and they are many.



8 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. I hope your dad is well. My kids are grown and I am stunned and shocked by the events of Friday. I think we all hate to think we are vulnerable, it makes us feel helpless and hopeless.


    1. @Karen Thank you Karen. My dad is resting for now, he will come to see us on December 26th. Feeling vulnerable is not easy to admit but doing it allows me to heal. Thank you for your sweet words.


    1. @amanda ~ He is feeling much better now and should come to see us one week later than planned. I just hate to be kept in the dark but my parents keep hiding ipsetting events because I live far away. In a way I understand but it is still very upsetting because I always imagine the worst.I am loving my littles and often they are the reason I bounce back fast
      Peace and love to you


  2. J’espre que ton pre va mieux. On est tous choqu par ce qui s’est pass de l’autre ct de l’ocan. Take care. A ma manire, je ne t’oublie pas, toi et ta famille dans mes penses et mes prires.Elodie


    1. @Elodie – Mon pere va beaucoup mieux. Il va venir nous voir avec une semaine de retard mais au moins il peut voyager.Merci de penser a nous. Les evenements des derniers jours me font douter de notre choix de rester ici


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