this weekend is busy getting ready for a birthday party. As much as I would like to ignore the fact that he’s growing someone is turning 8. I will spare you the ramblings about time going by so fast and all because I am afraid I might bore you to death.

So the birthday t-shirt is in the making and the birthday ring is ready. I will be baking tomorrow and the birthday requests have been poring in. I know there will be sushis at some point in our day and lots of Pokemon littering our floors.

My parents are here for three weeks and I am totally enjoying it. I don’t often get to let my mommy hat down and for the time being I am someone else’s kid and it’s awesome. I even walked into the kitchen and asked “what’s for dinner?”

Mamou’s food on Saturday and then later we curled up to watch El Gusto. A beautiful homage to Chaabi music and the love of art beyond wars and cultural differences. The songs brought back so many beautiful memories and also tears. It made me also realize that I really want my children to learn algerian but I am at loss on how to juggle three languages at home.

Lunch at our favorite turkish restaurant, swim for the kiddos and a good run and steam bath for me. I am ready to enjoy some knitting and watching this.

How was your weekend?

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