Happy New Year!!!

Image by Jon Glittenberg

2013 is only a few hours away!! I still can’t believe we’re only a couple of hours away from wrapping 2012.

So how was 2012 for you? For me it has been a rather fun, crazy, busy sometimes challenging year. One major heartache but I guess that’s part of life too.

I am not very good with new year resolutions, I usually start with a boom and end with a bust…right around the month of March that leaves with a terrible sense of failure. There a couple of things I want to change this upcoming year but they will be more about my attitude towards life and projects instead of a to do list.

So a few things I have on my list for 2013:

  • Run my first 5k
  • Make room for me in my life
  • Be present
  • Be myself
  • Document the everyday, the good the bad and the ugly
  • “Show up and get wet” – This one is a bit cryptic, I promise you a post soon to tell you more about it

What’s on your project folder for 2013?

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