two weeks into a brand new year and i have been quite busy. not the doing things kind of busy more of the thinking, writing and maturing ideas and projects. I filled many pages with lists, ideas, projects and doodles. I call it my brain dump and it has been very liberating. 

Lots of projects underway:

  • one 365 i hope to keep up with. I am waiting on some film rolls to return to post more.
  • running, swimming and just moving more in general. I am starting to see progress but i still don’t feel the runner’s rush or whatever the hell you’re supposed to feel. Just pain and relief when it’s over
  • simplifying life in general. emptying shelves, donating books, letting go of emotional clutter.
  • I am back on Flickr and I loving it.

I am liking 2013 so far. Did you start something new this year?

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