Like mother like son…or maybe not

I like getting things right, trial and error makes me shiver. Some call it perfectionism I call it a sickness. One that I am afraid I passed on to my son.

He was invited to an ice skating birthday party this weekend which is fun but he didn’t know how to skate. I took him once before and he hated it, he never wanted to let go of the wall and was so upset that I was dreading the event. This time I thought some mental preparation would be necessary. So we talked about trying and failing and trying again. We prepared for the eventuality of someone laughing if he fell.  How we all have to learn and making mistakes was part of the process.

He did start by holding the wall for a couple of rounds and ended up right in the middle of the rink. There was a couple of falls, some made me want to jump and get him out but he made it. He even managed to make a friend while learning to skate.

I was so proud and humbled. Here I was trying to teach him something and it turns out that I am the one learning a lot more. I never cease to be amazed by the life lessons my kids teach me.

Maybe I should stop sitting on the bench and get out there.

7 thoughts on “Like mother like son…or maybe not

  1. Ah, so awesome! I’m so impressed how you talked it through with him. And you’re right, I think sometimes I need someone to talk me through things!:)


  2. i took my daughter for the first time months ago and she was amazing! her willingness to fall and try again and again was inspirational. thanks for reminding me of that great night!


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