Our weekend started with a splash at the tune of little fingers playing piano. The peanut and big T had their first piano recital, I think the Mr and I were much more nervous than they were. Funny how you sometimes worry about the wrong child, we thought the peanut would have a hard time performing in public when in fact he loved it. He even asked to go first.

Kalak was a bit nervous at first but then he sat down and got right to it. And while he made mistakes he was calm enough to find the exact spot and correct it. It was a proud moment for me and well worth the freezing hour I spend in the car waiting for them to finish their lesson. 

A sunday morning run to keep up with my goals and grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. Home made chicken wings and some football to please the little americans living under my roof. Some reading and an early bedtime.

How was your weekend?

Joining with Amanda.

P.S: I am doing a bit of research on juicing and I would love to hear your thoughts.

One thought on “Weekending

  1. Good job boys! I remember the nerves and unease of piano recitals. I believe it was soon after that I decided that a performer’s life was not for me, and dropped out! I know nothing about juicing. I’ve got raw food allergies, so I avoid it!


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