The weekend started early on Friday after news of Nemo made us reconsider sending the kids to school.

Some piano, a puzzle, catching up on our french lessons and just being together and it was time for bed. The Mr. and I cozied up to watch Amadeus, the best part was listening to the directors comment on the movie.

Saturday started with a fluffy blanket of snow. shovels, snow angels, slides and red cheeks. warming up with hot tea and hot coco. a quick trip to the store for some last minute ingredients for our pizza night. Snuggling on the couch to watch a lovely gift, thank you Emilie. Rolled out dough, homemade sauce and friends company to finish a lovely day.

Lazy sunday morning in bed. I woke up to the smell of pancakes and tiny cold feet seeking warmth. Favorite books read in bed then some fun time at the pool. My third run of the week logged and a sauna to reward myself.  Early bed for very tired little ones and we watched this and are really getting addicted to this. Spacey is absolutely brilliant and the plot is thrilling, I am hooked.

The week will start with a two hour delay and another easy morning. What’s not to love?

How was your weekend?

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