Moments of peace

‘As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life.’

— Buddha

Some days the gods of parenting don’t smile down on me. The very act for caring and parenting  my children is just hard. Whining, foul mood, temper tantrum, meltdowns in the middle of a store…children struggling with growing up and being. It affects my mood and that seems to feed the behavior even more. 

On those days I struggle against the urge to just start screaming knowing very well that will not lead to anything good. I wonder where I got it all wrong and how I can just get back to a more serene atmosphere. I breathe hard and keep my head down hoping for better times to come. Knowing that even those moments will come to be missed as children grow. Eight years into being a mother I have learned to look for the tiny windows of light in those days. The moments were you are at peace and you just realize how wonderful it is to be here and there.

This moment happened on my drive back from the craft store. Tarek was unhappy with me because I refused to buy a toy, Layla was whining for a candy and dear old Samy was just reading his book. I saw these swans and I stopped the car. I got out and watched them and my little ones enjoyed that little moment of peace with me. 

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