Sometimes I miss having a boss…

Looking at my to do list and my calendar yesterday a thought crossed my mind. I really love working from home. It’s the perfect situation for me. I can work when the children are in school and around their schedule. I can pick them up at the bus stop and finish working after they are in bed. If a child needs to stay home with a cold I can manage it. I love it!

That’s the glittery side. I have come to realize that my work tends to take the back seat in our daily life. Laundry, errands, school functions, the business of being a mother moves up the priority list and leaves little to no space for work. It fits in small spaces I create for it but that usually involves late nights and groggy mornings. Photography had been my hobby for a long time and the shift to a more “serious” work is not that smooth.

It’s really no ones fault but my own. I have always put everyone’s needs ahead of mine. I would go for ages without taking the time to make things or create pictures and then I would become Mrs Crabby Crab. Not exactly the person you want to be with isn’t it?

Setting goals and tracking them has been working very well for me so I thought I would use it for work too but add a twist…Deadlines !! 

Any project listed on my notebook needs to be broken down into small bits and given a deadline or moved to “Someday list” .No exceptions! For the more personal and creative projects I have decided to set up a portfolio review for the month of April in order to stimulate me and get me working. Writing this I just realized that April is right around the corner and I better get to it!

Do you struggle with the same issue? What do you do about it? 

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