We had been thinking about getting a juicer for a while after watching Hungry for Change (you can stream it on Netflix). Then a little while ago Stacy started a 30 day of juice thread on Instagram so two days ago we purchased a juicer. The main reason is that I am not feeling very peppy lately, I could blame it on the running and swimming but in fact I think it has to do with my food intake. Our meals are cooked at home with minimal processed items, we eat out maybe once a week but the problem is that I often skip meals during the day.

I got it this morning, thank you Amazon Prime did I ever mention I am in love. My first try was  Apple, Beets and Celery. I was bracing myself to swallow it and I actually like it. I’m going to be looking for more recipes.

My first thoughts:

  • I was a bit scared because a lot of reviews complained about how hard it is to clean and it’s absolutely not.
  • It does consume a lot of veggies and fruits and that’s the great thing. I made half a mason jar with 2 apples, 4 beets and 4 celery stalks. It was just enough for my lunch.

My plan is to have juice in the morning and for lunch and eat a regular dinner with my family at night.

Wish me luck!

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