The weekend came and went so fast I am not even sure I remember what we did.

There were friends and shared meals. An escape to the nail salon for me. Some ice skating and a piano rehearsal.

A phone call to my sister while at the grocery store that I had to take because I miss her so much. Between our four kids, her work and mine, time difference it is increasingly hard to have long conversations on the phone. Some eyebrows were raised at the mother speaking on the phone and trying to walk her brood down the aisle. It made me feel vulnerable and realize how easily people judge you or express your opinions when you have kids. I stopped caring but I remember the new mother I was and how it made me feel.

Lots of pictures taken with my old film camera. Thinking also about this space and what it means to me. 

There was some reading and a lot of knitting. I totally gave up on One Thousand White Women and instead dove into this. One Thousand White Women was overly sentimental, historically inaccurate, misogynistic, it is racist towards Native Americans. I found his stereotypes to be tiresome, and the whole story felt very contrived. 

How was your weekend?

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