Beginning of the week

Today a little girl decided to spend her day at home in her pyjamas and wouldn’t get near a comb…her mother did the same even if the results are less charming. The farm animals held a meeting with polar bears and wolves and agreed on a truce. The giraffe basked in the sunshine. A mother marveled at tiny little toes that still get kissed every day. Little boys went on an adventure as their little sister looked on.

The weeks are flying by. As I looked up at the skies today I dreamed of longer warmer days and time spent outside.

I am hoping to shake the janruary sluggishness. Before anyone says anything about it it, yes I did make up a word. I suffer from a general apathy that starts right after the new year aggravates during the month of February until the first signs of spring.  I have learned to accept the ebb and flow of creativity but I am hoping to find ways to just shake things up.

Is anyone else looking forward to spring?

2 thoughts on “Beginning of the week

  1. I am very much looking forward to spring. The snow was fun today, but I am ready for warmer weather and longer days myself.


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