our library routine

One of our favorite weekly activities is to visit our local library. Growing up I was surrounded with books, my parents made sure I always had plenty to read and I was an avid reader. Unfortunately public libraries were not available and that it something I missed. Taking my children to the Public Library feels like a treat every time.

I used to wander around and choose books that looked interesting or had beautiful covers. It was at times overwhelming to choose among all these books and my childhood references being in French didn’t exactly help. I needed a system.

I have a list of books I want to read that I keep on Goodreads. I add titles every time someone recommends a book or I read a good review. I often use it while at the library or when I want to order books. I decided the children needed a similar list.

I came upon this book a year or two ago (a new edition will be published in June 2013) written by Jim Trelease. The first part explains the benefits of reading to children and the second part is a list of the best books. We have loved pretty much everything we read on this list and my copy is now covered with annotations and hearts next to our favorite books. If we love a book I will often order a copy for our library at home.

I have added to this list Caldecott winners, books recommended by the teachers and some favorite children authors. (I have put together a lost of the Caldecott winners (1970-2013, that you can download here).

We visit the library every other week on wednesdays. I will pick the books on my list and because the boys are older now they get to pick books too. I do have a veto power and there are books that I will not allow just because the boys have learned some bad language while reading them. I am not big fan of the Wimpy Kid diaries and Captain Underpants because of the language and Junie B. Jones because of her behavior/language. 

We use a special basket that sits on the mantle where all the library books are stored. The ones from the school library and the local library so I’m not searching the entire house for one lost book.

Happy reading!

9 thoughts on “our library routine

  1. we go to the library every friday morning and always come away laden with books for the upcoming week. it is such a great privilege, isn’t it? and a great way to instill a love of books in our children, too!


  2. Love the library. I think I will make our trips a little more routine. I love our personal library but it is fun and so meaningful to go to the public library. I have the exact same feelings about Junie, Wimpy and Captain. I think there are other better books that can speak to certain challenges kids may have.


    1. I’m glad we agree. I don’t understand why these books are pushed to the front, no one seems to be reading the classics anymore. We just started reading the Jungle Book and we love it!


  3. my kiddos are older now but we still visit the library often. I love it! Junie and her poor english and incorrect grammar drives me nuts – Abby is eight now and has moved on but for a while we battled over them.


    1. I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks Junie should take a lesson in manners 😉 I have loved reading my whole life and I wish I can pass it on to my children


  4. We love library days too. As a homeschooling family, the library is a workhorse for me. Our library website allows us to make booklists so I have very long ongoing lists for both me and the kids. I just put "The Egg is Quiet" on hold as well as the author’s other books. Can’t wait to see if the book is as lovely as the illustrations!


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