Reading :: Making

This week has been very soft and quiet. I was nursing a double dose of winter ickiness: bronchitis and strep. I had to cancel two sessions and I never made it to the gym or the pool.

Between two bouts of fever, this week was about reading and making

:: A new to me author, lovely quilts by Jane Broket and the uber talented Arnold Newman.

:: My love (obsession) story with the granny square blanket continued.

:: making in the kitchen. My friend Careana recommended some cookbooks and I feel like trying them out. I want us to have more plants and less meat in our diet, If you’re wondering she really likes Engine 2 cookbook and she never gave me a bad recipe

:: You can tell Spring is right around the corner by the number of tulips and hyacinths I buy at Trader Joe’s.

How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Reading :: Making

  1. I’ve made some recipes from the engine two cookbook and they were quite yummy. i also like 101 cookbooks and choosing raw blogs for good "plant strong" recipes.hope you get to feeling better.


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