You do what you have to do

My friend Emilie told me once that each pregnancy made us loose a 1/4 of our neurons. I suspect she’s right considering my level of efficiency lately and that would also explain my husband’s refusal to go for baby number 4.

My left neurons often need a jolt of caffeine and a trip to Starbucks is usually the only reason I will go through my morning run. I told Layla my plan and yesterday she wouldn’t hear about it. I asked nicely, begged and then bribed.

Ice cream?  No

Cake pop? No

iPad? Yes

So while the feminist in me screamed and shrieked at the sight of my daughter choosing eye make up and a wedding veil for a stick thin avatar, I sipped a much desired iced latte.

Note to Self: discuss with the Mr appropriate video games for our daughter

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