Yep it’s that easy

One thing I learned while raising my kids is that by the time I think I have  figured it all  out things change. Once changing diapers and feeding is under control, you start solid foods and then they crawl, walk and oh my they actually run away too.

I thought that was the hardest part, that once they were older it would get easier. It does in many ways. Leaving the house stopped requiring loading up on diapers and foods and extra set of clothes and binkies…enough to compete with any sherpa guide. They learned to follow directions and I have stopped like a manic person while doing the groceries store.

The dynamic has shifted, I feel that my role is slowly changing. Taking care of my kids was based on their physical needs and now the emotional side is more prevalent. It used to be that their problems ranged from dirty diaper to hunger or a bump. Nothing I couldn’t solve with a kiss and a hug. Their world was mine and I could solve almost everything.

Now that they are older and in school, it gets to be a bit more complicated. Hurt feelings, relations to their peers, establishing our rules and explaining that not all homes function like ours. We are in a totally diferent realm and naviguating it is not always so easy.

The past two weeks big T has been testing the limits of my patience and sanity. Nothing I did pleased him, he was pushing all of my buttons. Some evenings I would be so exhausted that I would crawl in bed, others I felt like running out as soon as the Mr. was home. Nothing pleased him, there was not enough of anything he liked. I was barraged by requests for more tv time, computer time, playdates. My food wasn’t right…

I had no clue how to deal with it and no explanation why my sunny boy turned into Mr Crabby. On Saturday I decided I would give him some mommy time and see how it would go. He was blooming, he couldn’t stop telling me stories and smiling.

I often forget that he sometimes needs some mommy time.

P.S: it’s getting better and we are both looking forward to our next time together

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