Make :: Read :: Listen

I knew there was something addictive when I started my first crochet blanket. I had a lovely sweater awaiting sleeves and a shawl for my MIL and despite my decision not to start anything before both were finished I started this blanket. The excuse is that I had leftover yarn and I wanted a mindless project for TV watching. It is slowly growing bigger and it is keeping me warm while watching TV.

I picked up The Son yesterday after hearing an interview of the author on NPR. I am hooked, the writing is wonderful and the characters come alive in the very first pages. I will share more about it when I’m done.

There has been quite a listening to this on my morning runs. I still don’t enjoy running, to be honest I feel like I am loosing my time. I am not very good with long term goals and running is as long term as it gets. I made my husband laugh out loud when I told him that the only way I would enjoy running is if I went for a run and came back 40 pounds lighter but I digress…The book is fascinating because of the perspective it gives of Lincoln and his time. 

This has been playing often in my car. A gift from the Mr. and a nice way to remember fun college nights.


Make::Read:: Listen along with the dawn.

4 thoughts on “Make :: Read :: Listen

  1. Thanks for joining in!The colors in your blanket are great. I have not crochet for years but still have my hooks. Keeping those for someday.
    The Lincoln listen sounds interesting. We are big on history around here. I will put that one on the list.
    I feel for you about the running. I do enjoy the "alone" time now that I am not pushing a jogger when I get out there 😉


  2. i’ve been debating whether to crochet a blanket like that or one of smaller granny squares. i love them both. want one (or more) of both.


    1. I made one with smaller granny squares and then I want to try the larger version. I still think I have a preference for the smaller one just because it is easier to take along.I used worsted weight yarn which is a bit heavy I think next time I will try DK.What yarn are you using?


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