Being a chaperone…while my kids still think it’s cool

Samy’s second grade class visited Fosterfields Farm. I think I was even more excited than some of the kids. I got to ride a school bus for the first time ever. 

We had been there a couple of times but we never had a guided tour and I have to say it’s fascinating. 

We toured the grounds, got to try our hands at washing clothes and hanging them. 

We made feed for the chicken, visited the little piglets (eight of them), met with Calvin and Hobbes (Hobbes was busy chewing his hay). We churned some butter and visited the Woods family house. 

My favorite part is always when the children look around the house and ask why there’s no TV. Then right after that they always wonder how they spent their evenings. 

Our tour guide was really amazing and did a great job explaining how life was 100 years ago.  

We didn’t have enough time to visit the Willows the Gothic Revival home built by Paul Revere’s grandson but I plan on going again soon. 

2 thoughts on “Being a chaperone…while my kids still think it’s cool

  1. The place is definitely a gem. I am so glad that the kids are able to see what life was like before the tech revolution.


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