A few thoughts on summer

It’s 90 degrees outside and there is no doubt summer is here. The boys slowly emerged from sleep this morning and I didn’t have to yell..humm I mean ask anyone three times (maybe more like 10) to please brush their teeth, get dressed or put shoes on. Glorious start to the day I tell  you!!!

Layla is still in daycare until the end of the week so I am slowly getting in summer vacation mood. I am equally parts happy and terrified because now these kiddos will have no one to ask for anything other than me. No teachers, no aides, no librarian…I am officially the Chief Entertainment Officer. 

Through the years we tried the structured summer with activities and camp or the wing it as the day goes and none of the two worked. Both are plans to feel like a super failure and I  have enough guilt and shame that I really don’t need to add on to it.

My plan is simple let’s call it loose structure. I have a deal with the boys (which started out pretty good today, we’ll see how long it will last): 

  • 20 minutes reading
  • 20 minutes workbook in english
  • 20 minutes of french workbooks

That earns them 20 minutes of whatever game the choose on the Wii or the iPad. I also assign a bonus activity for  20 minutes extra which will certainly be writing just because they love writing as much as they love Castor oil…if I made them try it.

I have made a list of activities for rainy/super hot days. Nothing worthing putting on Pinterest but enough to keep them happy and busy. 

In the next day or so I will be making a list of the things we want to do this summer. I started a little list on our chalk wall and we’ll do a brainstorm session to fill it out.  I tried this for our spring break and being able to cross things off the list gave me a great sense of accomplishment. 

On the housekeeping side I have decided to keep it minimal as in just making sure nothing grows in the bathrooms and the grill will see a lot of activity. I’ve cooked a batch of chicken breasts, some casseroles and froze them for the days when cooking will be last on the list. 

I will stock up the kitchen with easy to fix lunches and the boys can make their own lunches. 

My motto for this summer is “Boring people get bored, find something to do”  and no watching to TV or playing video games won’t cut it. I’ve used it four times already so pray for me…


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