The only way to survive a long flight

We are on our first leg of the journey to Algiers. We will first fly to Frankfurt, a two hour layover then off to Algiers.
I have been traveling alone with the three kids since Tarek turned three. It is getting easier every year and I am getting really good at it too.

I packed enough books, crayons, coloring books, a couple little lego men with the various hats and appendages that can be removed and switched around, and of course… snacks! hummus and carrots and cucumbers, crackers and maybe a couple of lollipops (you never know when these might come handy).

I probably spoke one too many times about my philosophy on screen time. That still holds true except on a 12 hour flight. We have iPads, iPods, two DS and my Galaxy Note 2. It is pretty much a free for all.
I filled both iPads with plenty of apps and books to keep little ones happy.

Anyone else flying with young kids this summer?

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