The granny strip…tadaa

Being a yarn snob doesn’t come cheap. Especially if your project is a large blanket. I chose to work the granny stripe blanket pattern by Attic24 with the exact same yarn even though it’s acrylic. Some of you might shudder at the thought of cheap crinkly acrylic yarn but the Stylecraft Special DK is actually a dream to work with.

The colors are vibrant. I could bot get enough! So this project that I started back in July is over. It took a bit longer to finish towards the end because I couldn’t work on it unless I was home.

I have loved every moment of making it. It has even been a huge hits with my nieces and nephews while I was visiting in Algiers. They were quite in love with the colors. Rows upon rows of lovely colors.  17 lovely colors to make this blankety blanket.

It was hard to keep the children from using it once it got to a decent size so I can assume safely that it will be put to good use. 

I am know trying to be a good girl and not start another blanket right away. I have piles of projects waiting for me… 

I have even changed the pillows in the family room to go with my gorgeous blanket. 

What are you making?

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