In the details

I can’t count the number of times I look around the house and think what a  mess. It is usually followed by a big sigh and a feeling of frustration at never getting ahead of the task at hand. The feeling swells and engulfs me, somedays I will just try to ignore it and other I sit down write down lists, organize, label, throw and sort.

I look at the big picture and I miss the details. The beloved objects that lay around the house.   Lately every time I catch myself thinking what a mess, I make myself think instead “it’s a loved house, it is well lived in”. 

So I will try to ignore the big picture and see the details instead until the next time. 


The droid lost in the house plant jungle  

The favorite cup

The gift that earned my sister the cool aunt title  

The favorite snack

New and old favorites

Star Wars meets SWAT Harry Potter

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