Weekend Lens :: A trip to the store


Samy and Layla have been saving money from doing chores and today was the big day. They were able to spend it on a whatever pleased them. It is crazy how much money they earned bringing the hampers to the laundry room, recycling and vacuuming after.It makes me wonder if I shouldn’t start being paid for the things I do. 

Samy and Layla are pretty good at saving their earnings but Tarek blows through it every chance he gets. So today he wasn’t supposed to get anything. His siblings were sweet and gave him some of their money so he could get something.

I wasn’t sure it was a good idea because my goal is to teach them the value of work and saving but then again generosity is also a great lesson.

And because my life it totally void of excitement, I decided to migrate my blog (yet again) and now I have to iron all the kinks and make it presentable again. Could please somebody kick me next time I think of do it again



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