17 reasons why we should get a gerbil.

  1. it will teach us responsibility.
  2. it will keep us company.
  3. it would never be lonely.
  4. it won’t be hard to raise.
  5. they’re not nocturnal.
  6. it won’t bother you.
  7. we will do anything for it.
  8. it won’t be a pain.
  9. we will give them a bath.
  10. we will handle them with extra care.
  11. we won’t let them get away.
  12. we will give them toys.
  13. we will feed them.
  14. we will give them water.
  15. we will clean the cage.
  16. someone will take care of them when we travel.
  17. we will not let them die.

Seventeen reasons the boys came up with to get not one but two gerbils. Because these animals feel lonely. This is done by the two kids who will not write a sentence unless they are held at gun point. 



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