Raising children in a digital age

I don’t have certitudes when it comes to parenting. I used to but that was prior to having children. There are things I still firmly believe in like eating vegetables, fostering reading and creativity, being polite and kind hearted but for the rest I am figuring out as I go.

One of the subjects I struggle with on an almost daily basis is the use of electronic devices by my children. TV, iPad’s, Computer, phone …we seem to be carrying or being around one all the time. I am bombarded with requests for more TV, more video games, more access to the computer. There is no reprieve…

The hight of the crisis seems to be this year with the boys seeing more and more of their friends bringing electronics to school. Our school district has a “bring your own device” policy, don’t ask me what I think about it because I might have a hard time not using expletives. So I ended up being the mom (and I am sure not the only one) who has to say  no to her kids. I think children in grade school have better things to do than to be playing on electronic devices…I’m thinking socializing, reading….

So I resist the trend at home and in school then I start doubting. Will that take away from their personal development, am I too old school. I am not sure…

The children were allowed to play two hours during the weekends and occasionally on the iPad but then they were introduced to Raz Kids and Math Playground this year in school and the amount of time spent in front of a screen just exploded. It’s not that these programs are not good but they seem to take away from their free time and their creativity.

I was slowly noticing less drawing, less reading and more and more requests for computer time. I am at loss as to how much time they should be allowed? How do you handle this subject?


One thought on “Raising children in a digital age

  1. This makes me crazy! Bring your own device?! I go nuts at all of the computer time the kids have at school. Why? I find kids are more jittery and less able to entertain themselves as well as maintain their attention on non-electronic things. It’s so addictive and it’s not their fault. My husband sees 10th graders who are so fidgety and obsessed with those devices. You are good to limit them. We do too. Our kids use an old slow computer with an old drawing program and that is about it. I limit their time on it though. Good for you!


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