Weekend Lens


Two celebrations in one week for Samy’s birthday. The first at Legoland with the family and on Saturday at his Gymnastics club with all his friends. He was ecstatic to be with his friends and boy did they need to burn energy after the holiday break and a snow day. I am so glad he was surrounded by such sweet children.

Sunday was placed under the American Girl theme. Yes Layla did finally get her doll courtesy of Babasidou and Mamou. It was my first trip to the store and I think I was more in awe that my own daughter. 

At first she wasn’t sure which one to get and then made her choice. We spent the evening discussing what outfits I would be making and how fast I could produce them. The first item on the list is a coat for Mia.

The end of Sunday was not the most pleasant. We drove my brother to the airport and he’s now on his way back to Paris. 10 days with him flew by. We really hope to see him soon.

How was your weekend?

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