Weekend Lens :: Are we there yet??

Right now

:: hoping, wishing, dreaming of a warmer weather or at least above freezing temperatures.

:: Going to the Bar 5 times a week and before anyone worries no I am not an alcoholic. Just an addict to the Bar Method. 

:: running short of ideas to keep the little people happy and entertained so hello iPads and thank you!!

:: finished reading The Fifth Child by Dorris Lessing. I was sharing with a friend that I sometimes wanted a fourth child but I wasn’t sure and her answer was read the fifth child. Yep it worked, well that and the college costs excel sheet my husband shared with me. The combination kind of cooled me enough.

:: finished Breaking Bad and what a ride it was. Maybe now I can go back to reading more and sleeping at decent hours.

:: Coming out of my cave and meeting dear friends.

How was your weekend?

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