Around here

It’s been a weird week more like a series of long weekends with all the delayed opening and snow days. Samy and Tarek would woke up every morning wondering if they were going to school or not. 

Spending so much time at home was restorative. I was able to catch up on some work (3 rolls waiting to be sent away) and also think of what I wanted to do this year. I didn’t write any resolutions or choose a word, I kind of slid into 2014 and took the time to think where I wanted to go. My notebooks have seen a lot of scribbling and plans were hatched, now it’s time to implement.

As I am nearing my forties (not sure how that happened, I am pretty sure I am still 28) I feel the need to let go of things both physical and emotional. My closets and my house are lightening their loads and we are only keeping what we love or need. My life has also seen many priority readjustments, I am more attuned to my health and nutrition and I am making a comeback in my life.

With my youngest starting kindergarten in the fall, I feel a chapter of my life closing. I am done with the baby making years and moving on to the next stage. My children still need me and request my constant attention but it is less physically draining and I am seeing more of myself coming back in the picture. I have been making regular visits to the city to visit exhibits or attend classes. I am starting to remember who I was pre kids and it’s a nice feeling.

2014 is the beginning of a new chapter and I am eager to get started.


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