Mommy brain and expectations

It always starts up the same way. I plan a great day in the city with the kids. This time we were heading to the Museum of Natural History. I pack snacks and water, I pack the camera and think of all the amazing photos I will be taking. 

It often starts well. I get to take one or two decent pictures

I can even manage to get them all in the same frame. I did not say they would have decent faces. Then it all goes downhill from there.

I start worrying one of them will wander into traffic. Then all the episodes of the episodes of Law and Order start swirling in my mind. I quiet the noise for a little then the kids are not too happy about the walking. Yes I raised perfect suburban kids, walking is not their forte, walking a couple of blocks involves a lot of whining from the two youngest.

Once we managed to get to our destination we had fun. Lots of it and I managed not to loose any kid. This time we visited the Pterosaurs, it was great if you ever consider visiting.

But if you do notice the rest of the images are shot with my iPhone. I guess it’s the perfect size when my mommy brain takes over. My mommy brain seems to drown any attempt at being artistic or seeing the light. It is busy keeping track of the brood.

So did I take the pictures I wanted? no. Did I have fun? Totally!!!

I just have to make peace with the fact that mommy brains overcomes any spark of creativity.


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