Getting ready

With less than a week before our trip to San Francisco I am feeling ecstatic. First it is our first family vacation (yes very first, I am not counting little getaway weekends here and there). We usually travel back to Algeria to visit our families and even though we look forward to it , family visits is not what I would consider a vacation. Second we are meeting our besties Ludo and Emilie and their three little ones. Our friendship goes a long way back to my Parisian working days. Those past ten years were busy for us, we moved to New Jersey, they moved to Austria. We have 6 kids between the four of us. We managed to meet here and there but to be totally honest they have been a lot more diligent then we were.

Any sane person would be making packing lists and thinking of outfits for the children. I never pretended to be sane so here i am thinking of what cameras will be making the trip and what set up to use to edit them and keep posting while I am away. I know it’s really bad ….

My trusted 5D will be staying home. I honestly tried traveling once or twice with it but it is a very heavy camera and considering the fact that I mainly own prime lenses I don’t see myself lugging a bag full of gear around San Francisco and Yosemite. 

I did quite a bit of research and tried many cameras and finally decided to splurge on the Fuji X-E1 . I wanted light, easy to use, knobs in the right places and a zoom lens and this little guy just fits the bill. I will be importing my images into my iPad and editing them using LR Mobile 

That way I will not have to log my computer, card reader etc…and leave some room for a little film and my Hasselblad. And that’s where you can start laughing because it is a beast but I honestly want to be able to shoot film during our trip. I might change my mind and pick a lighter film camera but  I am not so sure.

Ok now I can think packing lists

One thought on “Getting ready

  1. I’m the exact same way! My family and I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago and part of the packing details was my photography gear! Plus I needed to bring my notebook along because during downtime, I could edit the photos! I also use prime lenses. In fact, I only have primes. I need to get a good walk around zoom. I shoot with an Olympus Pen, so my big camera is my small camera. LOL!Your new camera looks pretty sweet. I hope you’re in love with it. I love the photo you’ve posted cause I’m a gear-head. LOL! I wish I could have a collection of TLRs. I would display them in a curio cabinet like the fine art that they are!I hope you enjoyed your vacation!


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