Settling in

So we’re back from our californian adventures. It was beyond my wildest expectations. 

We had not seen the Martin in three years since our Lake Placid trip but we picked up exactly where we left off. The husbands got along, the children got along and we had a wonderful time. I guess that’s what friendship really is, distance and time does not affect it in the least.

We started our trip by spending some days in Palo Alto to be near our friends and we visited San Francisco together. the second leg of the trip took us to Monterey and on our way there we stopped by Salinas. It was the annual rodeo show and oh what a show. Tarek wants to try the sheep rodeo now..

In Monterey we visited the Aquarium, went Whale watching, drove down the coast to Carmel and made a day trip to Big Sur. Next we headed to Yosemite Park.

We parted after our stay in Yosemite, the Martin were continuing their trip and we headed back to San Francisco for two more days of fun.

What can I say the weather was wonderful, the people extremely nice and the food oh the food!!! Now we’re back home, with suitcases to empty, pictures to sort through, laundry up the gazoo and a treasure trove full of memories.

I will be posting the pictures from our trip in the next days.

How is your summer going?

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