The weekend lens

Not quite ready to say goodbye yet but the signs are here. The days are shortening, I have spotted a couple of orange leaves and I need a sweater early in the morning. I really don’t care much for Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Ugg boots so for now I am mostly thinking of all the ways we can suck all the juice from this summer.

This weekend had their first day in French Saturday class. For the past three years I was homschooling french and that wasn’t working too well. The pressure was really high ,I had to make sure they were progressing. I have a lot of respect for homeschooling mothers but I don’t think I am cut for it. We decided it was time to outsource French to a more qualified teacher and for me to become the homework overseer.

We made pizza on Saturday and it was a huge success. It made me think I could turn it into a weekly tradition and I am now in the process of looking up toppings options to spice it up.

Sunday was warm and lazy. We were at the lake most of the day and the kids had a blast. 

Oh please summer I am not ready for you to be gone yet….

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