One of the things I enjoy most about reading blogs is the sense of community and the sharing of ideas. I love reading organization blogs. I have tried so many different ways to get organized, changed planners and adopted so many cleaning methods it has become some sort of private joke with my husband. I am by no mean an expert and I occasionally get overwhelmed with all the tasks that come with running a home and raising three children.

I thought I could share some of what I’ve learned through the years. That’s how this new series was born:  how to manage time, tasks and be organized . I will be sharing it on a bi-weekly post here and on instagram.

:: 5 Things a day. Long to do lists are a sure way to experience frustration. No matter how much you achieve you still feel there is so much more to do. I keep a master to do list on a separate notebook. I actually call it the brain dump, anything I want to do, read, see, plan, anything goes in there. From that I make monthly lists at the beginning of each month and I decide on 5 tasks for each given day. Three that are critical and two that can be completed at a later time. Crossing off things from my to do list is so cathartic!

:: choose your essential tools. I often get distracted by what I need to achieve a task instead of focusing on the task itself. I can spend hours agonizing on the perfect planner, researching online and comparing different solutions. For the past 6 months I have been using a Leuchttrum notebook and a Pilot Petit1 Mini fountain pen. I love writing with a fountain pen and the Leuchttrum seems to be the only notebook that is fountain pen friendly and the Petit1 is tiny and doesn’t take much space in my bag. 

:: plan in the evening for the next day. I don’t know about you but in my case out of sight out of mind. I have missed appointments that were on my planner because I failed to check it. Doing it the day before allows you to start the day knowing what lays ahead and not just running trying to catch up. 


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