Mystic – Day 1

The Mr turned 40 on September 23. I had grand ideas for his birthday. I wanted a big party with our friends. He wasn’t too keen. Maybe a dinner in a nice restaurant with our closest friends. Nope. At home. Neither…

I wasn’t sure if he didn’t feel like celebrating or he was setting up the stage for my 40th. I was pretty clear that I was planning on doing lots of things for my 40th even if he didn’t. Still he didn’t budge.  He did want to go somewhere. We first thought of Montreal but he didn’t have enough days off so we decided to give Mystic CT a try. Montreal vs Mystic funny transition but anyhoo

We loved it!! We were there for 3 full days and we had a blast. 

Day 1 was dedicated to the Mystic Aquarium and everyone’s favorite part was the aviary. Once the boys realized that by standing still they could get more birds there was no moving them. 

The boys challenged me to touch a Dragon lizard by saying girls couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let that one go even is my skin was crawling at the idea. I petted and held it but ewww

We finished the day by eating at a Hibachi restaurant. Watching the boys faces was really fun and Layla is considering it as a career.

Day 2 on the blog tomorrow


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