Documenting the hour – 7 am

This is usually the time everyone stumbles into my bed for the morning snuggle. I hit the snooze button once or twice, promise myself I will go to bed earlier that day and stumble out of bed. Samy sets the table and I get the breakfast and lunches going. That’s when I usually start loosing my cool because Tarek won’t get out of bed and I have asked nicely for ten times already.


I reach out for my coffee hoping my eyes will open a tiny bit more. On a good day that’s when the kids share jokes and funny tidbits and on the bad ones that’s when the first argument of the day erupts. Today big T was not in the mood for his sister’s singing. I miss the babbling babies but I am so grateful for the older kids that can put their coats and hats on their own.

We missed the bus because we were looking for the library book so it’s mommy bus today. We pass signs of the season. I get kisses from my kids and smiles from the school staff. The kids skip to school. I’m off to the grocery store. I drive past this tree that I have seen many times and that still hounds me. Oh that tree!

The day has started. 

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