Friday Favorites :: Makeup basics

I love love makeup and when I say that I mean I love buying it and trying it. But let’s be honest I never take the time to prep in the morning. In my twenties I could sport the no makeup look without problem. Dewy skin and bright eyes even after a short night but that is in the past.

I realized the lengthy makeup session of my motherless working days didn’t really work anymore. So I decided to go minimal in my selection of products just enough to look good but it all can be done in under 5 minutes (I timed it).

It all starts with the face and my two magical products The Touche Eclat (one) and the Laura Mercier tinted cream (two). I have tried many concealers and the YSL is by far the best and even though it’s pricey it works magic on those puffy eyes and dark under circles. The tinted moisturizer is just great for me, it’s light and gives that dewy look I love. I first saw it on my friend Myla and then I couldn’t resist getting one. 

Step two is the eye opening mascara. If you don’t have time for anything else you have to put some on. I first had this mascara (three)  as a sample but it is so wonderful that I got one. Long defined lashes and no clumps. 

Until this year I’ve always favored nude lipsticks from Mac. My favorite being Patisserie (four) and it looks as good as it sounds but this year I really wanted to try red. I just loved the look of a bold lip with just some mascara. I tried many colors/brands and the winner hands down is the Nars lip pencil in Luxembourg (five). I love that it’s a pencil it makes applying it a breeze and the texture is buttery and holds very well.

In the past I used to be a drugstore brand buyer but I feel that as I am getting older and my skin is aging it’s not cutting it for me anymore. I spend more on department store brands but the results are so much better.

With this little routine I look nice and polished and no one asks me if I’m feeling alright. Even when the night was short

Do you have make up favorites?

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