Around Here

I know it’s coming and I have come to expect it. That turn inwards and the little blues that accompanies this part of the year. It presents itself in a lot of bickering between little people and in me well just a general feeling of tiredness. I know what ails me but I also know the cure : days spent in my soft cozy worn out fleece pants, rhythmically interrupted with hot tea and made cozy with the warmth of yarn around my fingers. A good heart to heart conversation with the Mr. Making plans with friends and reading, lots of it.

I have been planning my next crochet blanket. This time I put a little more thought into picking the colors and have played with many combinations until I got the one that pleased me the most. This one will be for Samy. I am counting on the excitement to get me to finish the sleeves on my wip. Yes again those sleeves that I can’t seem to finish ever. 

There is a sweet feeling to knowing yourself and the constancy of the things that heal it.


Joining in with others inspired by the prompts here

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