Reading :: Mr Mercedes

Wow this image almost fooled me and I am the one who took it. The weather is really not on the sunny side around here. More like cold, colder and coldest… It’s a stay indoors, cozy up with a good book kind of weather. Speaking of books one of the goals for this year was  more reading so I took some steps to achieve my goal:

  • Less TV (no brainer)
  • Keep my phone in my purse
  • Have a new book waiting before I finish the current one. It works for knitting so why not.
  • If it’s not good after two chapters toss it.
  • Keep a reading log. I’ve been keeping one on goodreads but I got this and I love it.
  • Teach the little ones to respect my reading time. Not sure about this one, I might have to build a bunker.
  • Take my book everywhere

Nothing beats a blood curdling mystery thriller to make you want to carry your book everywhere and read. When it comes to mystery i believe  Stephen King is a master. I’m not much of a mystery books reader but I am happy to break the rules for Mr King. Mr Mercedes is a far cry from the first books by Stephen King. No aliens or scary cats but a beautifully crafted mystery with engaging characters. The retired police officer, the mentally unstable killer living with his mom…a recipe for a good mystery read.

What are you reading?

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