As guilty as the next one

of picking up my phone too often. Checking the weather, checking my emails, looking at Instagram, playing Candy Mania. I know my usage has gone way over what I would comfortably call a normal use and it would be ok but for the fact that I feel my thoughts are scattered. 

I can’t really sit down and work on something without interrupting myself too many times by looking in my not so little iPhone. For all the wonderful things my device does for me it also makes me feel less creative, less focused and at the end of the day very frustrated for myself. I installed Method on my phone and in average I look at my phone 40 times in a day and I spend roughly 60 minutes on it sometimes if i’m home it can peak up to 90. 

I signed up for Bored and Brilliant just to see if I could be the master of the phone instead of the other way around. We will see how that goes

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