Around here

Around here It’s snow and more snow coming and did I mention frigid temperature. The kind of weather that makes me want to hibernate and wake up again in the spring .

Speaking of Spring, there’s an burst of spring cleaning around here. My home is pretty organized and streamlined but my office/craft space is really full  of stuff. I see some artists working spaces that are crammed with lovely  layers , colors and textures. I love looking at them but I know that what I need is more white space. Clean desks, airy and minimalist. Not really the vibe I was getting. The clean project was started in earnest today. I will go through every drawer and shelf and get rid of things. Today I tackled my scrapbooking and knitting and got rid of 40% of what I owned. I also moved some things into the hall closet. I now have two bags that will be donated and 1 and 1/2 that will be trashed. This alone made for a massive improvement. Getting rid of some stuff that I had held on for six years without ever using them. 

The rule i applied was fairly simple. If I thought “i might use it” i let it go. I only kept what was assigned to a specific project. It was hard especially for my yarn because I attached a money value to the skeins but I think lightening up my stash was liberating. I will be sharing the end result.

Around here the test knit is growing growing… Knitting a a sweater with a size 3 needles felt a bit overwhelming at first but I am making good progress. I now understand Nadia’s choice of needle size, this sweater is going to be so soft and delicate. This is the second sweater I make for myself and I feel there will be a lot more. I even created a list on pinterest

Around here little fingers have been practicing very seriously and the music is so beautiful to hear. I wash the dishes at the sound of Billy Joel, the Beatles ,Bach and Mozart. Layla is progressing in leaps and bounds and if the boys are not careful she might catch up very fast.

Around here little ones had a very short week, snow day, half day and sick day. Sick days that seem to improve by the proximity of the wii and the sight of the TV.  Ahh I am such a sucker for my babies.

Around here planning and making list is in full swing. Colors and stickers make it more fun. 

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