Our afternoons together

My big little girl is in kindergarten. A half day program so everyday at 11:45 am I pick her up from the bus stop.

We come home, eat lunch , do her homework and a bit of coloring or crafts depending on her mood. Then we snuggle for a little and she asks to watch Rehab Addict. When asked why she says she likes her because she’s a girl and she’s strong. Thanks Nicole for the great role model.

I often grumble at having such a short period of time to myself. I can only run an errand or go to the gym. I can’t take a class or even start and finish a task. And it’s true that it gets to be frustrating but as with everything related to motherhood there’s another face to the situation. I am glad she’s still small and I get to have those 3 hours daily with her. I love that we can nap together sometimes or go out for a walk. I value this much more than anything else I could be doing with my time but I forget. I get tangled in my to do list, wanting to be more efficient. I just forget…

Then the sun hits her hair a certain way or she hugs me and I know it’s going by too fast and she won’t be my littlest much longer and I wish I could stop being so forgetful

5 thoughts on “Our afternoons together

  1. our school did half day kindergartens way back when they were in school and I loved the half day. You’re right in that you cannot get much done in that short time but the year goes quickly. I love her curls!!


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