Crochet :: Panier Rouge

My current knitting project is in the final stages. I have one sleeve and half to go before I can block and share it. In the meantime I found this gorgeous t-shirt yarn at Jo-Ann’s today. I went in for size 3 needles and walked out with it. It was hard to resist especially that I was looking for this type of yarn for ages.

I thought a little short project would revive my love for the knitting project so I decided to make a little crochet basket like this one . It will perfect to hold the used kitchen towels awaiting the wash. I don’t use paper towel so I go through a lot of these in a day. I have tried cotton rags, microfiber of different brands but my absolute favorites are these. I discovered them while helping my friend Sophie during her move. They are just perfect for cleaning up around the house. 

Once this little beauty is finished the sweater knitting will resume

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