June :: Currently

celebrating our first year with my Girl Scout troop. When I went to the orientation meeting I never set out to become a leader, I just wanted Layla to join a troop. We had no leader and I stepped in and I am so glad I did. I love my monthly meeting with my girls and how they’ve all grown and changed this past year. The quiet ones have emerged from their shell and the bubbly ones have learned to work with others. 

knitting my exploration station and enjoying it so much. I discovered Stephen West’s knits on Karen’s IG feed and it made me crave color. Some of the project is challenging but the instructions are clear and I am making progress.

counting the days until school is over. I will spare you the bit about time flying and all. I will say this though the pace is scary 

hiking around our town and discovering new to us places. Now that my youngest is 6 talking walks stopped being an expedition.

reading A spool of Blue Thread slowly and mindfully. The subject of aging parents and family dynamics was too close for comfort but the book will be one of my favorites of 2015.

slowly getting ready for our family trip this summer. we will be visiting our families in Algeria and spending a week in France.