The clean fridge syndrome

We’ve been away from home the past 4 weeks visiting family and friends. I like returning to a tidy home so before we leave I make all the beds, tidy the house and empty the fridge. So when I come back it’s ready to be cleaned and restocked.

I love my fridge the first week after our return. It’s clean, it only contains the necessary food to sustain us and it’s uncluttered. My life feels like that after our summer breaks. I love that feeling. My soul is refreshed, I am refocused and my life is centered on what really matters. I know what matters to me and what feeds me but through the year I let stuff creep back in. Feeling of inadequacy, doubt and guilt. I want to bottle up my state of mind and keep it for later this year. For when I will loose focus, for I need to say no, for when I need to keep to my goals.