Highlights in July

And just like that another month is gone. Summer is still here and I plan on squeezing every bit of fun out of it. When I look back at the pictures I took this month I see a general theme: Exploration and Relationships.

July was all about exploring new places and spending time with our family and friends. We started in Crissay-Sur-Manse where we stayed with friends at a wonderful bed and breakfast Les Vallees. Our host Louis was amazing and all I can say is that the food was amazing, The children were delighted to see their friends B, A and E and I was over the moon to see Emilie and Ludo. We explored the neighboring Chinon Fortress, walking in the steps of Henry II and the Knight templars.  The surrounding area is all beautiful fields of Sunflowers and corn. 

Paris was as beautiful as ever and it was fun exploring it with our children. At first we had a packed schedule but then we decided to take it easy and let them enjoy. We did visit the Tour Eiffel and the Louvre. I elbowed my way closer to the Mona Lisa so the children could see it up close  and we also made sure to visit the newest addition the Islamic Art section. We went on the Bateaux Mouches to explore Paris on the river Seine. Showed the children all of our old stomping grounds and had lunch in the restaurant where we  had our first date.

Layla had been begging for a trip to Disney and because I can’t stand the idea of spending 5 days there I thought Disneyland Paris would be a good compromise. In and out in a day. The waiting lines were long but the kids were good sport. My brother,sister and my niece joined  and it was a good day. What day wouldn’t be great when you have the best minnie ears and face painting you wanted. 

I also managed to sneak in some shopping and I refilled my stash of tea at Mariage & Freres and lots and lots of chocolate. 


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