and then they were two and we became 7..

The activity on this blog is staggering for reasons I will come back to later but i just realized I never shared the arrival of our last family member: Meet Luna or as Layla likes to call her Luna Bear. 

Puddles joined our family last August and my husband announced he had reached his quota of pets/kids you name it. He clearly stated he couldn’t handle any more craziness in this house. Well that wasn’t counting on my children’s obstination (a trait they got from me) and a visit to the local shelter with a friend that was looking for a dog.

At first we all fell in love with Luna’s brother but unfortunately we couldn’t get the approval from the Mr and the shelter in time and he got adopted. The kids were heartbroken but then we saw this little miss and it was love at first sight. We stayed with her until we got approved and only left to bring Puddles so he could meet her. 

She is the sweetest sungglebug and she fits right into our lives. To me she is much more than our dog, it’s me finally living how I want and not giving a f**** what people think. I love my home, my loud kids, my two dogs and my guinea pig. I love being home and finding time for my passions. I love knitting and sewing and reading and I finally stopped apologizing for it. I’m who I am , it only took me 41 years to admit it.