This time around

Let’s skip the part where I explain why I wasn’t around here much. Part of it was sheer laziness, another part was no one seems to write a blog anymore unless they’re selling something and a sprinkle of who really cares what i think.

The truth is that as I was helping my husband with his essays (more info later). Proofing his words and helping him convey his thoughts I realized how much I missed that part of the blogging. The writing …Not that I ever published anything memorable but I think I really enjoy writing. So in an effort to do things I enjoy (writing, photography, sewing , knitting…) and letting go of other things (volunteering at school which my kids couldn’t care less about), I am back.

I have closed a chapter in my life. No more young toddlers and lack of time Hello teenagers and lack of organization. A new chapter, new interests that I can’t wait to share with you.

And because a post without pictures is so blah. A little image of my first handcrafted mug a tad small I was told but enjoyable nonetheless.

See you all soon