On sharing memories

I’ve long realized that I am the memory keeper in my family. I’m the snapper, compiler, story teller. One thing I did realize though is that my memory is not as good as I thought. I used to think that I could remember every little details of my children’s life but who am I kidding, most days I have a barely functional brain. So remembering everything bah…

I had a baby book for Samy with every little details written down, then came Tarek and I kind of tried to keep one too. Then I jumped on the whole scrapbooking wagon and holy shit that was a ad too much. By the time I was done picking paper and stickers I was done. I would organize my purchases and wait for THE MOMENT. That ever elusive moment when the star align and no one needs me or whines and the house is clean. And yeah baby number 3 came along so ….Stop snickering….

Then came Project Life and I loved the approach but it was still too many decisions to make for me. What inserts and where and what size should I print the pictures…my brain just zapped thinking about it…

So that bring us to year 2016, My oldest is 12 and has his first year album, the second one has one but hardly any journaling and the third (8 year old) is clamoring that I never made her an album. Nothing like a guilt inducing “you did it for the boys” to get me rolling.

So i looked for an easy, straightforward solution to my memory keeping procrastination. It came in two forms:


  1. Baby album for Layla is made on the Project Life App. I used the Baby Girl Edition. Exported my pictures into Dropbox and got started. I have to say that the hardest part was culling the pictures but with 8 years of delay I am less attached to every single picture. So her album is almost done and i will share it here once completed.
  2. I had signed up for Cathy Zielske’s class last year and never took the time to sit down and watch the videos. This time I did chain myself to my computer and watched it. She is amazing!!!! and I love love her approach to scrapbooking. So I am using her Scrapbook your year to create one album per year. An in case you’re wondering I’m still on 2005…but I’m making progress.


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